In Midguard you play as Heimdall guarding Bifröst, the bridge connecting Midgard to Asgard, against invaders. As he is defeating his foes, Heimdall receives immense power through his companions blessings.

Return to the roots of gaming with gameplay mechanics from classics like Pong and Breakout with a modern survival twist!

How to Play: 

Use A and D or the arrow keys to control the player and aim
Use E and Q to choose a power up
Spacebar to start/launch ball


Martin Burck - Design & Testing
Christian Franzén - Design & Graphics
Eppu Peltonen - Design & Graphics
Nikke Tapanainen - Design & Code

Music by


Created for the Global Game Jam 2023 with the "Roots" theme. 
Everything was made in the 48 hour period.

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